Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's the Little Things

So, my husband just called. The phone stopped ringing before I could find where I left it last, but I quickly switched my BTE (to any newbies... that's short for "behind the ear") over to the t-mode to talk on the phone and punched in his number. I knew if it was really important he'd tell me immediately to call him back through VRS (my video phone) so that an interpreter would make sure I didn't miss anything.

James had a few things to tell me about... He talked to an old friend. Another friend's pet died. He was going to pick up Turbo Tax. He was at Home Depot returning things, but he also bought a few items. He might go do this errand. He'd be home soon. Tomorrow he planned to clean out the garage... and on it went. So the conversation wasn't necessarily the most exciting, but it was not limited to short sentences and ended under 60 seconds.

My reaction to all of this??? I had just put Aidan down for his afternoon nap. I was a little tired after my little wild child had kept me on my toes getting into everything all afternoon, and we had just read several books before nap time, so I just plopped down in a chair outside to kick back for a few. I wasn't trying extra hard to concentrate or squinting at the phone (because as I told a friend, squinting at phone somehow improves my comprehension.) I got off the phone and realized what just happened. Wow. A real married conversation. I just love this little bionic ear.

One more note for the day, I'm also thrilled that my little man, as wild as he can be, is learning to show his gratitude. He has one of those wooden box toys that can be found in many doctors' offices with the bead mazes and puzzles. There's three puzzles on one side that can be made by flipping the wood pieces, and he got his wrist jammed between the frame and a puzzle piece. The poor child was screaming like a banshee from his bedroom. Fortunately his dad heard him, as I didn't, and James was able to finally free his wrist by putting lotion on his swollen hand. With tears pouring down his face he looked at his daddy and said "thank you!" James caught his breath, and I heard him say, "you're welcome" while watching his son scamper off, and then he looked at me and said in awe, "he thanked me." I love that kid!

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  1. It really is the little things that make everything worth it... married conversations and thank yous- Love it!