Monday, August 30, 2010

How Cute are These Deaf Dogs? Vote for them to be cover dogs! :)

I saw these dogs and their stories on the Deaf Animals blog tonight. Please vote for them to be on the cover of Atlanta Magazine. They are currently in second place and voting ends tomorrow. They need about 500 votes just to get ahead, and you can vote once an hour. Please spread the word and share the link. They are precious. You can find their owner's story about the work they do as therapy dogs with children at hospitals and schools by clicking on the link under my blogs. Vote by rating them at this link... Every time they are rated it is counted as a vote.

Did you know that deaf animals are more likely to be put to sleep because they are deaf? Isn't that sad? I'd love to see more positive publicity about how amazing deaf animals can be and how they can learn commands visually and become a part of the family just as much as their hearing counterparts! The more people know, the more lives that will be saved. Please vote! :)

Also, check out Powder's story. I read about him yesterday and watched his videos.... I love this dog!


  1. Hey ! Love it !

    BTW.. where the heck you been ;-)


  2. Hi Dan! I think these guys are amazing... they are getting closer to first place. I hope they win tonight.

    I'm doing good... just been a little distracted with work, school, and moving across town this summer... but it's settling down now. How are you?


  3. Oh, I'm dandy ! working my new blog now ...