Friday, April 17, 2009

Drip Drip!

It was a dark and rainy night. No scratch that.... It was a dark and rainy afternoon. The kind where an almost two year old valiantly fought an afternoon nap in the next room, passing prison time slowly pulling out each individual sheet of the big jumbo pack of new wipes accidentally left in his crib (when he realized that all other antics for freedom had failed.) The cats curled up under the desk snoozing away, while I escaped the morning madness that is Mickey Mouse and choo choo trains by spending some time online. When lo and behold, what noise was that yonder invading my right ear space? No, it wasn't the rat-a-tat-tat-tat of the computer keys that I'm getting used to lately. This was different. This is *peering out window to confirm*... yes, this is the sound of raindrops on the roof. Holy cow. Awesome! This is a sound I can say with absolute certainty, I can only hear in the bionic ear when I'm inside the house.

Well, crazy times like this call for venturing to the back door and standing by the rain to listen...(I'm not feeling it enough to actually stand in it and spin around, holding daisies, while my hair is drenched cover girl style from the rain.) I can easily hear it with both ears, but it is such a different sound with each one one. With the hearing aid it has more of a calming roar. With the implant, it sounded more like a pattern with a constant drip drip sound. I think I need to go back to the door and take more notes.

Also that child in the next room had an early release and needs some monitoring (and NOT for good behavior... the warden just couldn't take it anymore!)


  1. It rained here last week. I was at a friend's 2-story apartment (he's on the 1st floor) and I could hear the raindrops along with thunders...pretty cool. I could hear the rain with my hearing aid before also but I think I prefer how it sounds with the CI.

    Usually with my hearing aids I had to be aware that it was raining before I could hear it....but with the CI I heard it raining before I saw that it was raining which was cool.

    As for the rat-a-tat-tat of the computer keys...that sound killed me the first week. I've started to tune that out but the most annoying computer related sound for me right now is the computer fan. ;-)

  2. Isn't it funny, Kelly, how different it is with the CI? I was trying to decide which I liked best, but I've always found rain calming so my HA version is what relaxes me, but I found the CI way exciting. It's so detailed.

    It probably didn't hurt that I was sitting next to a window while it was raining, but I wasn't paying any attention to it. There was a definite repetitive sound from the implanted side that grabbed my interest that I didn't hear at all with the aided side.

    I'm adjusting to the keyboard too. It's just two different sounds (one low, one high), but they are merging together in my head somewhat. I don't think I've noticed the computer fan. That is cool!

  3. That is great you can hear the rain, what a wonderful sound!