Wednesday, April 22, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

A dear friend of mine is walking this Sunday for March of Dimes. She has an incredibly modest goal of $300 to reach in the next four days.

I met Melissa, very begrudgingly, when my principal asked me to take a deaf education student teacher from a local university for the spring semester several years ago. I asked if I had any say in the matter and he said no, so the rest is history. Thank God for Dr. Michel. I made one of the best friends a girl could ever have!

Melissa and I have shared so many ups and downs through the years... our scales (she'll forgive me for that one if one of you makes a small donation)... our dating lives.... our engagements.... our weddings... and our pregnancies.

Most of our life experiences we shared around the same time periods which made for a great support system in each other. However, Melissa became pregnant just before my son was born, and it seemed like her son was here in no time after I had Aidan. Gregory, very unexpectedly, made his appearance 8 weeks early. He was a preemie, and no one saw it coming. His family was very anxious. He was in NICU on Christmas Day (and Melissa couldn't even touch him), and in the hospital for several weeks following. He was also in isolation at home for several months once he finally came home. Today he is a very happy thriving little toddler who is into everything. Pure joy is the best way to describe him.

There are the angel babies that are no longer with us that this walk also represents. Rudy is the son of my friend, Dannette, (a former Miss Deaf Texas and a current bi-bi pre-K teacher) who went to heaven after only 28 days on this earth. He was a fighter but he was too early. Dannette has just been blessed with the happy news that she is expecting three years later, and she is due on Rudy's original due date, December 21st. (I had goosebumps when she told me that.)

My friend, Kara, is someone I've reconnected to from high school, and I've actually gotten to know her better now than I ever knew her then. Her beautiful daughter, Bailey, was born stillborn 5 years ago at 39 weeks.

March of Dimes can make a difference in someone's life that you know. A small donation goes a long way. If you can make even a $5 donation, I'm sure Melissa would be thrilled. It's the little things in life that make her happy. She has no idea I'm writing this, so I hope she forgives me for not telling her first. xoxo

Thank you in advance to anyone who has even taken the time to read this, and a big heartfelt thank you to anyone that might consider making a donation to help Melissa reach her goal in the next four days. Remember it is tax deductible!


  1. Michelle, what a beautiful friend you are! I'm touched that you would even make this effort to put the March For Babies information out there. I'm in tears reading your post. I'm thrilled at Dannette's news and I will continue to pray for them and their baby's healthy, joyfilled, full-term delivery! Big hugs and kisses from me and Gregory. ♥

  2. I just wanted to say thank you to you and your friends that sponsored me in my walk! It went so well today and the turn-out was huge! :D

  3. Hey girl.. Thanks for comment about my son, Little Rudy. Tyler and I still don't forget about him. We are surprised that we are going to have a baby and it has been three years when I got pregnant with Little Rudy! smile.. Love ya

  4. I'm so grateful to everyone that donated too, and I'm glad you reached your goal, Melissa! You're one in a million! <3 <----is supposed to be a heart if it doesn't look like one! ;-)
    Dannette, you know I'm changing the number right now! Sorry, hun! xoxo

  5. Good luck with the walk and I hope you get plenty of donations.