Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I HEARD THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, I heard something with my implanted ear that I've never heard with my hearing aid. I just heard the clicking noise the stove makes when turning the gas on. I'm really excited and don't care that I ended my last sentence with a preposition. My husband always tells me the stove is clicking because I forget to move the knob from "light" to "low". It made a very distinct "click, click, click" sound that I keep turning the knob to hear.

On the way home from Wal-mart tonight I heard my blinker. However, I didn't realize it, but I can hear it with my hearing aid if I'm stopped. Hearing it while I was driving was really cool. Oh, and my son coughed in the back seat. It was also very distinct and clear as if he were sitting next to me on the couch. The blinker and the coughing were easily heard by the HA and CI working in tandem, which is really the goal. Hearing the stove with just the implanted ear though??? Too awesome.

Baby steps, baby steps... :)


  1. WAY TO GO MICHELLE !!! It's so cool to start picking out sounds!

    I also heard my gas stove. So loud! And what a racket that is! (I leave the clicking on too). But I bet that's one of the best sounds you have have ever heard, yes? :-)

    And I can't wait to hear my little guy. He's still in China going to pre-school. I'm going at the end of May for a few weeks.

    Here's to many more new sounds for you!



  2. Very cool. I always get a kick out of the fact that I can hear the keys tapping on my keyboard with my hearing aids in because I don't hear that sound without them.

    Good for you, Michelle.

  3. Just today I was shown a new gas stove and noticed it was making a rapid tiny spark beneath the burner. It was explained to me that this is what ignites the gas when it is turned on. Maybe this is the clicking noise you heard--the sparking?