Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol, Whiny Toddler, and Food, Food, Food

Last night we turned on American Idol, and it just wasn't as much fun as usual. We had the volume way up there, but for some reason Aidan is always at his loudest and most fussiest when we are watching that show. I suppose because it's not the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Zoboomafoo. Betweeen Aidan and the show, I can barely make out anything clearly. We broke our own rules and gave him a couple of lollipops to see if we could get him to zip it. It's a nice little short-term solution... but doing it over long periods of time would have him bouncing off walls with sugar highs even more than he does normally. Last night was Michael Jackson night, and I am picking favorites by looks, whether Paula is up and dancing, and if I recognize the song (and if James tells me it sounds halfway decent.) That's just sad... I'm ready for two ears again, albeit with one semi, sort of, kind of bionic ear.

Speaking of lollipops and all things sugar related.... am I the only person that gains a huge chunk of change at the first sniffle, cough, or slice under the knife? I HAD lost 11 pounds prior to my CI surgery... after surgery I required all kinds of comfort foods and lost the fierceness of being in control... lost my mojo and gained most of it back...just. like. that. The food has been awesome... *sigh* All that hard work...*poof* Snickers, anyone?

I'm so ready to WASH MY HAIR!!!! I talked to Pat in Dr. McReynold's office, and she put it in perspective. She said if the incision were to get wet, the glue could come undone and to be very very careful. Needless to say, we put off the hair washing a little longer... but man... it has been a week. I honestly will not leave the house until I can wash my hair at this point. We'll wash it tomorrow night though because I have a public appearance at the doctor's office on Friday.

I'm still having pain. It feels like a sharp ear infection on the inside, and on the outside I feel like I have a nail that someone tightened beyond the point of return behind my ear. Also, most of my ear still has numbness to touch, but it's starting to feel like I'm touching my own ear and not someone else's (which was a really weird experience). I thought I was past needing pain pills, but last night I had to take one to get some relief. My ear has a lot of swelling and therefore sticks out now. One of my best hidden features are my lovely flat ears that no one ever notices due to my hearing aids taking away from them. Now I have one floppy ear and one flat ear. I don't think anybody would make it past the mop on my head to notice though (if I were in public, that is...)

I've been reading some other blogs from cochlear implant recipients. I've gone back to the beginnings of their blogs to see how it was for them at this stage. I have to say in spite of the pain, the messy hair, the weight gain, and oh, my son picking favorites with his parental figures (and I haven't been the chosen one lately) that I'm extremely excited about activation. I'm glad the first two activation days are scheduled together instead of spaced apart a week. I know my expectations should be low, but I also know my personality and how well I have done with very little sound to work with over the years, and I can't help but think this is going to be a great thing but a whole lotta work.

On a happy note, last night Aidan climbed on a chair beside me when I was on the phone talking to Alecia. I'm not sure if he was showing off for the interpreter or just happy to give his mama some love, but he leaned over THREE times to give me a big kiss in the face. All was right with my world. Whatever had been bugging him about me was gone. After I got off the phone he told his daddy goodnight and grabbed my hand as we walked to his room to read about trains and animals. I love that kid!!!


  1. Girl, I think you should be writing a column in a newspaper- seriously! You're such a gifted writer. :) The last paragraph about Aidan... *sigh* how incredibly sweet. :)

  2. There's a reason I keep you around, chick! You are so so good for the ego! Thank you! ~xoxo

  3. Um, I agree with Melissa... Love reading your blog! Wish you had started one a long time ago.

  4. I did, Jess.... it was all about Aidan... both entries. I think I was feeling a little too stressed to maintain that one... but I'll make sure there's plenty of Aidan stories in this one too... because it just wouldn't be as much fun if there weren't any.

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