Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Implantation Day

I had the surgery today, and it was a success. My husband, James, was just the best today. He's been at my side constantly for the last day. A lot of friends/family have been praying for today, which was very nice of them, and I'm truly grateful. They've either emailed, FBed, or left James a message. I don't think he's called anyone back just yet, but I did get your messages!

We arrived at just after 8:30am. Of all days for an alarm clock slip-up. James thought it was 7:00am when it was really 8:00am. The hospital is barely a hop and skip away, but I was nagging James a bit to step on it. He can fly when he's inspired. They took me back about an hour before surgery and it was all a breeze. I had an interpreter, Emily, who also subbed as an interpreter when I taught at a middle school several years ago.

Veering slightly off topic, but worth mentioning, it usually happens when I have an interpreter for personal business that I have probably known them for school business previously. I can remember going to court for speeding nearly 100 mph (don't ask)... and the interpreter was one I knew from teaching when he subbed a few times. He and the district attorney I was in an office with were stiffling laughter as they tried to ask with a straight face exactly why I felt the need for speed (like I said.... it wasn't in open court and I was first on the books for the day... perks of the deaf!) I also had an interpreter that had subbed at the school, when I had the ultrasound finding out Aidan was going to be a boy. The deaf world is a very small world no matter where you are. Thank God for the code of ethics they abide by to keep personal business private, although I'm outting myself as it is.

So anyway, I knew Emily in the past. She was there before and after surgery. Thank God for her. I wasn't hearing or focusing on anything like I normally would've been. I was a little sad thinking I wouldn't be able to hear out of my right ear with my hearing aid again.... a little nervous about getting knocked out... and some staff members had European accents I had (and almost always have, unless it's a British accent oddly) trouble understanding, especially with a room where sound was bouncing off the walls and tiles easily, but Emily was there to fill in the blanks whenever I tried to speech read unsuccessfully. Several people came by to put an "X" on my right ear to make sure I wasn't missing a spleen or something. The nurse came by and gave me an option of whether to have an IV with Ativan before getting wheeled off or waiting until I was under. I gave her one shot before to get it in because I was more nervous about the operating room and the mask (but it was barely the lesser of two evils) and she did fabulous.... Once I met the anesthiologist and talked to the doctor, I really don't remember much else. I was wheeled away on a hazy calm cloud (2 mg of Ativan in an IV... just the thing for nerves!) and woke up in a stupor two hours later. When I woke up today in the recovery, I started having sharp chest pain when I breathed and felt like my blood pressure was falling (I had a really scary episode with rapidly dropping blood pressure when I was in labor) so they did an EKG, which was fine from what I know. They gave me morphine and the chest pain subsided. I was/am still majorly drugged... LOTs of morphine today so I was able to fall asleep all afternon and evening.

Just wanted to update.. more later. Have doctor appointment in A.M and riding with Melissa. Aidan is staying with his friend, James' (Shelly and Darrell's son). It was rough leaving last night, but Shelly sent message today that she got him to sleep after a bath, clean up, and then several stories with not too much crying. She said he asked for his mommy and daddy... bless his little heart, but he couldn't be anywhere better right now and with awesome people.

I'm laying down for now, but I wanted to update to make it a habit. :)

***updated 3-12 for minor details my hazy self wasn't up for reporting at the time*** :-P


  1. I had to giggle at your WRITE ear. I *heart* you. I'm so excited to hear how well it all went! Enjoy your recovery! I cannot wait to follow along with you! And thanks for sneaking me into here in your drugged stupor. xoxoxoxox

  2. Big OOPS... I didn't mean to say "write" ear.... that was the drugs talking..... :) I think I'll change that to the write spelling. LOL!

  3. I'm glad the surgery went so well! I'm still amazed that you've been up and have been able to get on the computer! LOL See you in a few hours! :)

  4. Hmmm... why is it writing my name as my "url"??? weird. Let's try this again... :P