Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mosh Pit, Head Banging, Stars in the Morning Baby

This morning I saw stars. No, I didn't wake up before the sun came up, but I wish I had. Then I wouldn't have been RUDELY awaken by a 22 month old toddler who wanted some attention with a gigantic head butt on the side of the head... right smackeroo on the formerly healing incision where my bionic piece, a.k.a. the really expensive cochlear implant, is housed... oy, stars!

For the longest time... *hanging head*.... 14 months to be precise, we were a co-sleeping family because I didn't have the heart to put the little guy in his own bed at night. I couldn't handle the tears and drama on the few times I made the feeble attempt. It took 14 months before that crib in his little yellow cowboy room was actually slept in overnight. I can't even take credit for that, as one of my BFFs took him in for a week last July when James unexpectedly ended up in ICU. I call that week at Shelly's "baby boot camp" because Aidan came home with skillz his mama didn't teach him, including sleeping by himself with not too many tears in protest.

We have a routine that we've developed around here since then that works for all of us. In the evenings, I make dinner, James is in charge of baths, I do story time before bed, and before James leaves for work he changes Aidan's diaper and puts him in bed with his me. Being deaf, I would never hear Aidan wake up in another room, but I will wake up if he's beside me be-bopping and bouncing around. I like it because he is an independent little guy at night, and I get time to myself or to spend with James just relaxing, but in the morning I get to wake up to my little ray of sunshine full of love and joy.... until this morning..... there was no sunshine... just stars. Lots and lots of stars.... in the moment I might not have used very motherly language either. My little tyke woke me up with one big, huge, resounding HEAD BUTT right smack on the side of my head... right where that magnet is implanted. Lord have mercy. What did he think it was? Rave time? Body slamming mosh pit practice for the Barney song on he might hear later on PBS? Argh!!!!!!!!! *$&*^%!!!!! No really, I refrained from yelling and screaming and just looked at him stunned while holding my head... my poor throbbing head. We got up and I fixed him breakfast while I popped a pain pill and some Diet Pepsi.

I emailed Pat in Dr. McReynolds' office to tell her what happened and to inquire if my implant might be toast. She wrote me back and said it would take much worse, to take a Tylenol, and she'd let Dr. McReynolds know on Monday when he came in what happened. I'm sure she might have gotten a chuckle out of that email today. I did take more pain medication later today... it's still throbbing a bit. I've really got to teach my son how to show his affection in a more subtle manner. Maybe I should call Shelly at "baby bootcamp"? I do know the next time the little guy gives me a big hug and kiss and then follows up with a playful head butt that we'll put an end to that. Seriously... a head butt in the morning. Did I mention how much I love that kid???? :-)

****this post is dedicated to Jessica in Seattle (a member of my two person fan club...), who pestered me to write something for the day.... love ya, chickie!*****


  1. Aw, he loves his Mommy so much, he just wanted to make sure that love got smashed right into you! :)

  2. Hello! Thanks for your wonderful email! So nice to meet you! Congratulations on your CI surgery! Only two more weeks until you are activated....your life will never be the same! You are off to a great start on your blog...keep writing!


  3. Hey, where are more posts? Keep blogging, girl... I need to know what's going on. :)

  4. I did read this a few days ago, but just realized that I never commented- I must've gotten distracted... by what? I can't imagine! LOL Glad nothing serious came of A's head-banging session. I don't have a magnet in my head, but I can imagine that could not have felt good! :(

  5. It did hurt, Melissa... Aidan is such a rough and tumble, kiddo... loves to grab my neck or side of my head... sometimes he's just playing rough... sometimes it's his way of giving a hug... I think I should wear a helmet!

    I'm going to blog in a minute, Jess... I think... :-D

    Laurie, I hope you don't mind... but I'd love to add your blog to my favorites. It's so inspiring!