Monday, March 9, 2009

The Weekend Blues

One thing I learned this weekend..... never take a hyper toddler to dinner at Bennihana's. The other thing I learned... nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, holds a candle to the lure of Chuck E. Cheese for a hyper toddler. So, we took the kids to dinner. James and I took turns taking Aidan outside when he was antsy. When James was gone, of course the waitress or chef would ask me a question I couldn't hear. My stepdaughter is too shy with strangers to really help there. At one point a lady at my table thought it would be okay to move over to James' chair and mouth quite loudly what was being asked of me. I know she was trying to be helpful, but she was so in my space, in my face, and talking to me like I was a sweet little lost five year old... boo...hiss... I told her thanks and that I read lips and could see her lips from over thataway. I don't know quite how I said it in the moment, but I did say something along those lines. Oops. I must've said it with some tact because they waved at us like we were all BFFs as we parted after dinner.

After dinner we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Aidan asks to go there several times daily, and James loves to oblige and takes him 2 or 3 times a week lately. It's definitely cheap fun since every ride and game only costs a token which is only a quarter. I stayed there for a few minutes but the roar in my "good" non-favored ear was just too much, and Saturday night traffic in there is elbow to elbow. I found one little boy standing alone in the women's bathroom crying his eyes out. He didn't know where his mother was and it was just chaos, so I carried him out to someone that worked there. She found his mom quickly. I couldn't believe none of the other mothers were rushing to him to see what was wrong. I couldn't understand anything beyond his nodding when I asked if he lost his mom, but I didn't need to be able to hear to see that he was lost.
Anyway, I left and went to Target while the kids stayed with James. Our 15 year old microwave caught fire that afternoon so I had an excuse to get out of the noise and get my shop on. We went out for ice cream after that. Aidan ignored his ice cream to take turns eating out of all of ours. Cute... but annoying. Gotta love that kid! He always thinks whatever we are eating or drinking is better than the babyish food and drinks he thinks he is getting.

Tonight we went out again to get a different microwave since the one we got last night didn't even work when we plugged it in.... very very annoying... but love new microwave better so I got over it... I still have not washed my hair. James and I aren't sure we can manage to do it without getting the bandage wet. I need to double check with my doctor tomorrow and find out what he told me during my morphine haze about washing hair. I think he said a week or earlier if I could keep the incision dry. I'm starting to look homeless. I could probably make sculptures with my hair at this point if I had a mind to do so. Any special requests? A duck? a box?

One more note about the weekend... I'm not sure if Aidan feels like I abandoned him for a few days this week, but Daddy is the preferred parental unit in this household right now. He's kept me at an arm's length and seeks his dad out for fun, comfort, and mostly looks to me for food. The joys of motherhood. I think he's starting to forgive me though, and it's been very sweet seeing his bond with James this weekend. At least the timing is great for this phase (even though it does sting a bit) because it's given me time to take a mental and physical break when I really needed one.

On that cheerful note, my bed head and I are off to catch some much needed zzzzzz's.


  1. As usual, Mich, you have me rolling! The lady at Benihana's reminds me of the chick at Second Baptist who thought it would be cool to interpret for you- you remember?!? LOL I can totally picture the ice cream scene... that is totally Gregory! He could just have finished his meal and if he sees me with something, he'll come strolling over and open up wide for his bite... hehehe... I love it! :D

  2. I so forgot about that charming lady.... but you know there's one in a crowd that has always had a couple signing classes in Scouts or knew someone whose mama's cousin's sister was deaf when they were 10 who thinks they are there as God's chosen one to bridge the communication gap between the hearing and deaf world for me. :-D

  3. So which was it? Duck or box? You are so funny!