Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally... just squeaky clean hair!

I've gotten some feedback from other previously krazy glued cochlear implant recipients and was inspired this afternoon to go ahead and lather up some Herbal Essences without fear of coming unglued...literally or figuratively. I had read about one person who had trouble with her incision opening early, but a couple people on a CI email group I belong to led me to believe I'm going to have a harder time getting the glue out of my hair than I'd like as opposed to the computer in my head falling out through the cracks because of a little water and some suds n' bubbles. So, I now have squeaky clean hair that doesn't flatly stick up in any direction I manipulate it!
I don't even care that I haven't had it cut in nearly 3 months or that my roots are a hot mess (when IS the last time I had them done???).... I didn't need to whip out the Chi and ten hair products to feel good.... The little part that is shaved doesn't faze me (but okay, I am a little self conscious about the somewhat gory looking scar showing in public so I decided against a ponytail for a trip to Walmart today...) All in all... this. is. bliss... just clean hair blown out and twisted up in a clip with wispy pieces falling here and there. It's the little things....


  1. I'm thinking you were probably so ecstatic to be washing you hair, you could've made an Herbal Essences commercial today! ROFL