Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just 12 Hours to Activation... :) WOOT!

I'm so excited tonight about what tomorrow afternoon will bring when my cochlear implant is FINALLY activated! I thought we had a babysitter for the little guy but not happening. James has a friend that's been in the construction field with him for several years and still works for James occasionally. He's a little rough around the edges, but he named his very beloved cocker spaniel, Princess. Go figure. He's a guy's guy with a big heart, and always a story to tell. Aidan adores his dog, Princess, and loves playing with her. It's a bit of a bummer that he couldn't babysit.

So, in the spirit of pure toddler bribery tomorrow afternoon, I went on a mini shopping spree at Toys R Us and Half-Priced Books tonight. I found some interesting and seriously over priced toddler snacks... some salty, some sweet but most importantly low in sugar (because this child leaps off walls like Spiderman after too much sugar but give him just enough and he's sweet as...well, pie.. no pun intended.) The only exception would be the PEZ Mickey Mouse because we LOVE Mickey Mouse in this house. Okay, and I'll throw in a couple of lollipops too, but desperate times and all that...

I picked up a Doodle Pro *fingers crossed it will hold Aidan's attention for a minute* as well as some farm animal figurines. He was only so-so interested in his plastic barnyard in a jar. It would probably pointless to bring them when the cows and pigs will probably be caught loitering among the equipment or under the audiologist's feet with Aidan right behind them (and I'm pretty sure she's too serious to be amused by that.)

The real winner was the Thomas the Train peel and stick book from Half-Priced Books for $5. Who knew? Aidan, my darling son, sat by me quietly playing... just peeling and sticking and peeling and sticking some more while James and I watched tonight's complete episode of Dancing with the Stars. (Note to reader... I have never used the words "Aidan" and "quietly" in the same sentence until tonight.) He hasn't sat beside me on the couch for more than a few minutes, if even that long, since he figured out how to wiggle and roll practically the day after he was born. (Did I mention he was eleven days late? I swear he came out and ordered a happy meal!)

I hope tomorrow brings the same sweet quiet behavior so his daddy and adopted Aunt Becky can relax and stay put for moral support. I'm also hoping since Aidan is going to be with us, that I can hear his voice first, even if he says "burgers and COKE!" sounding like the love child of Wall-E and Fran Drescher . Okay, I'm a little choked up at the thought... and I don't do sappy if I can help it (which is rarely... I'm too sentimental at heart, but you didn't hear that from me. ;-)

Last, but not least, by this time tomorrow night I will have seen my first episode of American Idol while activated. I am hoping they don't all sound like love childs of ducks on helium, robots, nasal nannies, and whales bellowing under water. Note to self... keep expectations simple. You didn't buy that either, did you? ;)

Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I wonder how it is for you! Such a diverse range of possibilities and whatever we get is apparently 'normal'. For me just to break through the silence bubble was awesome, disappointing and quite emotional altogether!

    To quote a very old Chinese proverb...'the longest journey begins with one step'

    With my first two Switch-On's just one day can make a big difference. I like to lie still and just 'listen' to my own breathing and 'hear' the clock ticking. Its those simple sounds that gave me the most satisfaction initially. A feeling of being alive and the sounded real, just like I remember them just over a year ago. I had to laugh at our cat, he sounded 'techno' but now after 7 months even its is more like I remember.......Good Luck in your new world!

    Cheers Colin

  2. Good luck Michelle!! Hope your activation day is all that you hope and you enjoy life in your new world!

  3. Here's to a very successful activation! Wishing you all the best!


  4. I just read your blog and it's really good... best of luck for your activation and I'll be following it to see how it goes. My surgery date is a month from now.

  5. Thanks, Colin, Jelly, Dan, and Nabeel! Activation day was so much harder and emotional than I expected. Bells... bells... bells... LOUD bells. Where's Donald? ;-) That's it for tonight... I am wiped out.

  6. Good luck, let us know how your CI goes. Do you have an audiogram pre-CI?

  7. Deaf Dude, I really need to blog about activation before I forget details... but.... it has been sooo overwhelming for me... My brain is in overdrive. I hope tmw I can turn off all the noise and blog and somehow get my audiogram on here. It's really interesting... I was very surprised today. It includes w/o aid presurgery, aided pre-surgery, and with CI on second day. Check back in a day or two. :-) Thanks!

  8. Michelle, Thanks for reading it and I also have read YOUR BLOG. It's nice to hear about your activate. WISH U DA BEST TO HEAR AGAIN! Let me know how was your activated went. :)